Water resources of the Apsheronsk district

The source for the water intake is the Apsheronsk aquifer (North-Western Caucasus), more precisely, its central part. The Serebryachka River is considered the best of the sources in Europe in terms of the set of properties and drinking qualities of water, in terms of neutrality, absence of harmful impurities and chemical composition balance.

The spring purity and unique natural qualities of the waters of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve are explained by their unusual origin. The Lago-Naki Highlands are covered with glaciers with underground sections up to 200 meters deep. In the process of their slow natural melting, the formed water masses seep to the surface as springs. The uniqueness of the taste of water is provided by natural mineralization during its passage (in the process of coming to the surface) of mountain karst rocks.

In addition,  the status of a nature protection zone is a guarantee of the absence of residential settlements and enterprises in this territory of the Apsheronsk district. There are only beech and oak forests around. The water supply to the bottling plant is carried out through the self 40-kilometers pipeline.